Learn More About Portfolios & Assessment for 21st Century Learning with our Expert Panel

Meet the Panelists!

Damian Cooper
Damian Cooper Headshot2.jpgCooper is an independent education consultant who specializes in helping schools and school districts improve their instructional and assessment skills. His work focuses on making assessment relevant for students and less work for teachers.

Karen Fadum

K Fadum.jpgFadum is a Curriculum & Innovation Helping Teacher in ISTE award-winning Surrey, BC. She primarily supports teachers, administrators, students and parents where classrooms are communicating learning.


Wanny Hersey


Hersey is the leader of award-winning Bullis Charter School in Los Altos, California. A highly sought after educator and administrator for over 30 years her experience spans elementary, middle and high school. 


Kelli Vogstad

Vogstad is Vice Principal at Cambridge Elementary andkelli vogstad.jpg a developmentalist, a curriculum maker, a kid watcher, and a lifelong learner. For more than 30 years she has been educating across all age groups.

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